Privacy Policy


Information in accordance with Legal Decree, June 30th 2003, no. 196 (Personal Data Protection Code) and EU Regulation no. 679/2016 (GDPR), also stated as (“Privacy Regulation”)


Controller and Processor for processing the data: The Controller for processing the data is Bierrebi Italia S.r.l., which has its company’s headquarter at Via Sagittario 23 – 40037 Sasso Marconi (Bo), in the person of its legal representative; The Processor for processing the data is contactable to the following email address: or to the following fax number: 051.6782011


Purposes of data processing: The personal data are voluntarily provided by the user and processed for the following purposes:

i. Allowing the consultation, browsing and interaction on the website and the visualizing of the pages on the stated website;
ii. For statistic purposes and in anonymous way in order to control the correct functioning of the website;

i. Recruitment management activities, selection and evaluation of the job applicants for Bierrebi Italia S.r.l. through provision of data in the “career” section of the website
ii. For the potential formation of a job relation;


Types of personal processed data:
Browsing data
The computer system and the software procedures provided for the functioning of this website, acquire, during a normal process, some personal data, whose transfer is implicit in the use of the internet protocol communication. These information are not collected to be associated with identified users, but due to their own nature, through elaborations and associations of third parties data, might allow to identify the users. The IP addresses are included in this data category or in domain names of the computers utilized by the users that are connected to the website, the addresses in notation of the requested resources, the requested time, the used method to submit the request to the server, the file dimension obtained from the server and other parameters related to the operative system and computer server environment of the user. These data are used to obtain statistic anonymous information about the use of the website in order to check the correct functioning and they are immediately deleted after their elaboration. The data might be used to ascertain the responsibilities in case of hypothetical computer misconducts against the website: other than this case, the data of the web contacts do not persist for more than 14 days.


Data provided by the user
The optional, explicit and volunteer transfer of the email to the indicated addresses, related to Bierrebi Italia S.r.l., on this website, implicates the consequent acquisition of the email address of the sender, necessary to allow the controller to reply to the requests, and to other potential personal data, which are part of it. The transfer of personal data to the “career” section related to Bierrebi Italia S.r.l. for every different request that reach out the Controller or initiative by itself will be provided by proper privacy notice disclosure.


Cookie Policy
Cookies are not used for the transfer of personal data, nor persistent cookies of any type are used, namely for systems that keep track of the users. The use of session cookies (which are not stored in the persistent way on the computer of the user and they disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transfer of session identifiers necessary to allow the safe and efficient browsing on the website. The session cookies are used on this website to avoid the use of other IT techniques which are potentially prejudicial for the navigation privacy of the users and do not allow the acquisition of personal data of the user/data subject.

The processing of personal data will be oriented to the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency ; this process can be carried out in the EU context through manual, IT and manual tools, by the Controller, the Processor and people authorized or in charge of the process throughout appropriate security and reserved measures with the effort of not to disclose or transfer them outside.


Legal basis for the processing: The legal basis of the data processing referred to the previously mentioned paragraph A) is related to the execution of the requests of the user/data subject, even for what concerns the browsing on the website and the legitimate interest of the Controllerrelated to potential statistic purposes or to preserve the functionalities of the website; The legal basis of the data process referred to the previously mentioned paragraph B) is related to the consent of the data process for the purposes related to the selection and potential hiring of whom voluntarily share their data to the web section.

The provision of the consent is voluntary and, in case of failure to release, there will be no consequence, but the impossibility by the Company to conduct the activities stated and described in paragraph B. By law, the data processing consent is not required when the process itself is necessary to conduct obligations arising from a contract or services required where the user/data subject is part of it.


Sharing and disclosing information: Personal data can be shared, exclusively for the purposes mentioned and stated before, to all the following categories:
– People, companies, associations or professionals that assist and advice Bierrebi Italia S.r.l. with specific but not exclusively relation to accountability, administrative, legal, labor laws, financial, tax and social security rules, which have the necessity to access, for auxiliary purposes, to the implementation of contracts, services or simple request of services;
– Every public administration office, to which the acts are physiologically addressed and / or where these expressly require it to be justified.

These categories act as autonomous controllers of the data processing or processors accurately nominated and instructed by the Controller of the data processing. The list of categories, to which the user data are or can be transferred, remains available at Bierrebi Italia S.r.l. and it can be easily obtained forwarding a written request to the Controller of the data processing.

User’s personal data will not be disclosed in any case.


Redirecting to external websites: The website can use c.d. “social plug-in”.
The “social plug-in are special tools that allow to incorporate the features of the Social Network directly within the website. All “social plug-in” on the website are distinguished by the logo property of the social network platform. When a user visits a page on our website and interacts with the “plug-in” or decides to leave a comment, the related information are transferred directly from the browser to the social network platform (Linkedin for example) and stored by itself. For information related on the purposes, types and ways of personal data collection, usage, management and elaboration implemented by the social network platform and, for the different ways through which it is possible to exercise the rights, please refer to the social network Privacy Policy.


Duration of data retention: The data will be retained for the necessary period of time for the purposes for which the user has given the consent or, when it is not necessary in some cases provided by law and, for this reason, until the complete implementation of the contract or service request directly made by the user/data subject, until the terms will end, for which the data retention is obliged by law. The resume, voluntarily sent in the “career” section will be retained for a time period that will not exceed 2 years.


Rights of the user/data subject: At any time, the user can practice its rights provided by the article 7, Legal Decree no. 196/2003 and article 15-22 of GDPR.
These rights are practiced through a request made to the Controller of the data processing, even through an in charge processor, to which will be provided a proper response with no delay. The request made to the Controller can be transferred to the indicated address or to the following email address: or to the following fax phone number: 051.6782011


In particular:


Data access and portability: It is the right of the user/data subject, for the all duration of the relation related to the contract and until the cancellation of the data, to ask to the Controller of the data processing for the access, rectify or erasure or limitation of the data related to the user itself or to oppose to it, other than the right related to the data portability.


Consent withdrawal: It is guaranteed the right of the user to withdraw the consent, if given, at any time, without prejudice the lawfulness of the data process given before the withdrawal. In order to withdraw the consent, it is necessary to send a request to the address indicated or via email to the following address: or to the following fax phone number: 051.6782011


How to practice the rights: In order to practice the rights mentioned before, the user can address the Controller or the Processor indicated in this document. The requests are considered free of charge, if they are not expensive, and answered by the Controller as soon as possible, but in any case, within one month.


Competent data protection authority: If there will be a violation of the regulation related to the data processing, the user has the right to file a compliant with the data protection authority following the terms and the ways deliberated on the personal data protection’s authority website (